Closed Circuit Television commonly known as CCTV is used extensively for commercial and domestic purposes. It consists of a closed circuit and helps you to monitor the security of an area. So if you are planning to renovate your house, office or building, make sure that you install a good CCTV system. Luckily, there are some excellent brands of CCTV  available in the market, from which you can choose the best CCTV camera for a premium quality surveillance.

 Some of the Important Functions of CCTV:

  • It helps you to record the interior of a building to find the cause of the problem.
  • It helps in monitoring traffic on the road.
  • It is used to carry out a traffic survey.
  • It is installed in a transport system like buses to control pickpocket.
  • It is mounted in a factory to carry out a study of the employees.
  • It is used to determine any criminal activity.
  • It keeps your home more secure.
  • It is used to obtain visual records of locations which are harmful to humans.

 List of CCTV Cameras From Top to Bottom According to Their Ranking:

  • Samsung CCTV cameras.
  • Hi-Focus CCTV cameras.
  • CP Plus CCTV cameras.
  • Hikvision CCTV cameras.
  • Honeywell CCTV cameras.
  • Bosch CCTV cameras.
  • Sony CCTV cameras.
  • Zicom CCTV cameras.
  • UNV CCTV cameras.
  • LG CCTV cameras.

Samsung CCTV Features:

According to the user’s feedback, Samsung CCTV is the top brand in today’s market. The night vision feature and the technology of LED infrared illumination provide the users with a better monitoring facility and helps to detect any intruders. It gives you with weatherproof analog IR CCTV. You can widely view images at a 100-degree angle. The most import feature is that it is weather resistant. It provides you with a perfect night vision.

 Features of Hi-Focus CCTV cameras:

Hi-Focus CCTV uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete solution for surveillance. It uses high definition sensors for detecting the images and captures the image with clarity even in dim light. It has some networks for monitoring like Web viewer, Poe, etc. A high-resolution camera provides you with the best night vision. Hi-Focus CCTV cameras provide you with day and night stream encoding.

Features of CP Plus CCTV cameras:

 CP Plus CCTV provides you with live streaming options and gives you a sizeable hard disk storage up to 2 TB. High-Resolution HD cameras make it the best among other CCTV.

Features of Hikvision CCTV cameras:

Hikvision CCTV provides you with excellent night vision and full HD resolution. Highly sensitive sensors are used to detect an intruder.

Features of Honeywell CCTV cameras:

The best feature of Honeywell CCTV is that it helps you in a long distance transmission and can perform in dim light. Additionally, it provides you with a pole mount and corner mount feature

Features of Bosch CCTV cameras:

Bosch CCTV provides you with high-resolution cameras. you can use picture elements. Its video output and electrical specifications are fantastic.

Sony CCTV Features:

Sony CCTV is famous for providing excellent quality surveillance. It produces the best quality security solutions. It consists of bulletproof cameras with advanced imaging features like IPELA ENGINE EX. You can adjust to sun shade. It uses highly sophisticated horizontal resolution 1920 TLV in adverse situations. It is perfect for outdoors and corporate sectors.

 Features of Zicom CCTV cameras:

Zicom CCTV is easy to install and gives you live news feed. It consists of IR dome camera, power adaptors and BNC connectors.

Features of UNV CCTV cameras:

UNV CCTV provides you with a beautiful output using highly sensitive sensors.

 Features of LG CCTV cameras:

LG CCTV can be used in the day as well as night and provides the users with coaxial communication and motion detection.

After reading, this you are aware of all the features of the top class CCTV cameras. Choose your CCTV wisely. Opt for the one which suits your purpose.

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