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THE COMPUTER SCREEN DOES NOT TURNS ON: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

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Let’s talk about problems with Samsung laptop screen. We have already dealt with the case of desktop & laptop monitors (external monitors) that do not light up in a previous post on our blog. Today, however, we see the specific case of laptop screens that do not light up or do not work properly . UAE Technician are providing best Samsung laptop screen replacement and reapir in Dubai by our experience and skilled technician team.

 Delicate situation: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

We are warning you, but the situation is quite problematic: unlike a fixed computer & laptop, where it’s just enough to change the monitor, the breakup of the laptop’s screen (screen) could make its “death” (more for reasons of affordability…)! Yes, the risk is that your notebook will turn into WEEE (ie Electronic and Electronic Equipment Refuse ) and in this case the natural destination would be, as well as the landfill (in Dubai, where our Computer Assistance Center is located, UAE Technician: here you find all the details for the collection of electronic waste ).

Why does my laptop monitor not turn on?

First of all, we must identify the malfunctioning part. To help you, we see what are the components of a Samsung laptop screen !

LCD panel : The LCD panel is the actual screen (where the pictures are displayed) and is connected to the rest of the components via a cable (specifically, the LCD cable)

Inverter : It is a small card, connected to the LCD and usually located near the monitor itself, which retro-feeds the panel.

Warning! In the LED screens, which have no backlight, the inverter is not present

Graphics Card: in short, it is the hardware component that deals with the transformation of electrical signals sent by the processor into video output

Motherboard : if you have any problem with motherboard than your computer & laptop will not be turn on.

Symptoms: What Is Your Computer?

Now that we have seen all the elements necessary for the operation of the monitor, we just have to understand which piece is to be replaced. How to do? We have drawn up a small round of symptoms , related to possible disturbances.

Crutches on the screen or black spots

If your PC has crashed or has been hit, your monitor may have cracks or be black in certain areas, just as if it had fallen into the ink. Do you notice when the cellphone screen is ruined? Here, the effect is the same.

In this case, the PC screen does not light up because of the panel.

Low brightness or intermittent brightness Samsung laptop screen is not bright or completely “dark”, or the brightness goes and comes intermittently; the images on the monitor can only be seen by pointing a light in the direction of the screen.

In this case, the problem lies in the LCD panel or the LCD cable

The screen has no brightness or can not stay on

After a few minutes the PC has turned on, the screen shuts off.

You can see the images by pointing a light in the direction of the screen, but it is completely free of brightness.

The replacement part is the inverter.

Image Problems

The screen of a notebook may have several image-level problems:

  • Rows and streaks that travel across the image vertically or horizontally
  • In an area of ​​the screen, the image is not visible
  • RGB Color Balance (the image on the screen shows an imbalance between red, green and blue)
  • The screen is lit with white but you can not see the image on the screen
  • The images on the monitor are flickering and they go and go on

If your Samsung laptop screen problem is in this case, the cause is to be found in the LCD panel, or on the motherboard or graphics card.

What to do?: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

If it’s the panel we can unmount it, read the model number and buy it again (we might recommend checking on online stores, as long as it’s still in circulation!).

If to create problems is the inverter , we have to replace it (or, if you are an electronics wizard, repair it …).

If it is the motherboard or graphics card … bad news! If they are not in warranty, unless your notebook is really good, it’s okay to sell it and buy it again.

Be careful though!

It is extremely important to correctly diagnose the problem , otherwise we run the risk of replacing a component that might not have been crashing, knocking out money and staying with the screen unworkable!

For this reason, when it comes to laptops and not fixed-screen displays (where, basically, it’s enough to change the monitor and check if the new one is working properly) it’s always better to rely on professionals .

For any information, contact UAE Technician! Remember: Diagnosis is always free !


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