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It may happen to everyone to erase a file by mistake or to remember not to save important data only after formatting the PC. Fortunately, however, there are applications that allow you to limit damage and recover files that have not been overwritten on the Hard Drive Data  Recovery. Do you know what the most beautiful thing is? They are free.

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Let’s do one thing: take a few minutes of free time and try to follow the directions I’m going to give you. Or rather, try downloading one of the hard disk data recovery programs below and test the capabilities on your computer right away. You will not regret!

The first hard disk data recovery solution I recommend you try is Recuva , a completely free application that lets you recover photos, documents, videos, and many other types of files accidentally deleted or lost due to crashes, viruses and other computer problems.

To download Recuva on your PC, link to the program’s website and click on the Piriform.com link under the Recuva Free link . When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file (eg rcsetup148.exe) and, in the window that opens, click on Yes and then on Next (after selecting the Italian from the selection menu of the language). Next, click Next, Install, and Finish to complete the installation process and start Recuva.

In the window that opens, click the Next button and place the check next to the file type you want to retrieve: Check All Files to see the full list of recoverable files on the hard disk and do click Next to go to the next step. At this point, select the entry in a specific location from the screen that opens and sets the C: drive (or the disk letter from which you want to retrieve the files) in the field below.

Now, click next, and then click Start, wait for the list of recoverable files to appear and place the check next to those you want to restore. The files that can be recovered without problems are those marked by the green lightbulb, the others are partially damaged (those with yellow lightbulbs) or almost irrecoverable (those with red lightbulbs). Finally, click Retrieve; select the folder to save it and the game is done.

Hard Drive Data RecoveryAnother great solution for Hard Drive Data Recovery Services on Windows is Wise Data Recovery, which allows you to restore data not only from the local disk, but also from memory cards, USB flash drives, multimedia players and other drives. To download the program on your computer, connect it to its official site and click on the Download Now button and then on the Direct download link (in the left sidebar).

When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file ( WDRSetup.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click Yes and then Next . You then agree to the terms of use of the program by ticking next to I accept the agreement , and then click Next on Next for four consecutive times and then on Install and Finish to finish the setup.

Now, start Hard Drive Data Recovery Services, select the Local Disk from the drop-down menu at the top left and click the Scan button to start scanning the drive. At the end of the procedure, place the check next to the files you want to retrieve and click the Recover button to choose the folder where you want to copy. Also in this software, the files are marked by a variety of indicators: the green bullet indicates the data that can be recovered smoothly, the yellow recoverable but probably corrupted files while the red bullet reports the files that cannot be retrieved (if not in minimum part).

Use a Mac? No problem, even for OS X, there are free hard disk data recovery solutions and extremely easy to use. One of the most valid is Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, which you can download by connecting to our official website and clicking on Free Download Now! After downloading, double-click the downloaded file ( lazesoftmacdatarecovery.dmg ) and drag the Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery icon to the OS X Applications folder to install the software on the Mac.

When completed, start Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, type your user account password on OS X and click the OK button. In the window that opens, first select File recovery and then the hard disk from which you want to recover the deleted files (eg Macintosh HD). Next, click Finish and wait for the selected unit to be checked.

At the end of the scan, expand the Lost File Results folder (located in the left sidebar) and select the type of files you want to restore (eg docx for Word documents, jpg for photos, etc.). Put the check mark next to the file names you want to restore and click on the Save Files button to choose the folder where you want to copy the selected items. For more information on program operation, also see my guide on how to retrieve deleted Mac files.

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