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Browser Support to Troubleshoot Browser Issues

If the Internet Explorer no longer works, it helps to reset it. For COMPUTER PICTURE you will find a download which takes the procedure by double clicking.

W hen the Internet Explorer stops working properly, you will at worst only with an alternative browser to the Internet. For complications frequently lead misplaced settings and mutually incompatible add-on programs called add-ons. Good to know: Internet Explorer has a special window that automatically repairs the browser. The function restores all settings of the program to the default values ​​and temporarily deactivates all add-ons. Particularly convenient is the refreshing cure with the exclusive COMPUTER BILD-IE-Reset-Tool . It eliminates the usual mouse clicks; a double click on the tool is sufficient.

Restoration with on-board equipment

Provided the Internet Explorer is still starting, reconstruct its original behavior from the program. The instructions below show how it works. If the steps do not show any effect, you may want to deactivate the browser temporarily – which corresponds to a new installation: Press the Windows key as well as R and type optional features . After a confirmation click on OKremove the checkmark from the Microsoft browser; now restart the system. When this is done, reopen the optional features window. Here the hook before the IE is to be set again. At the latest after a further Windows restart, the Internet Explorer should be intact. However, try the following steps for browser support.

Reset with software

If the Internet explorer fails, it is a good idea to go directly through the Internet options. You are also about to renew the renovation. Even more convenient, however, is the use of additional software. Microsoft provides a fix-it tool that makes the browser virgin. The main disadvantage of the program is that it supports only Windows Vista and 7, no Windows 8 or 10. This deficiency also applies to all fix-it problem solvers. The COMPUTER PICTURE IE reset tool does not know this limitation: From Vista to Windows 10 it supports any Windows version. The procedure is the same: Double-clicking opens a window that allows all changes to be canceled.

Microsoft Edge Reset: Is this possible?

In the meantime, Microsoft has dealt with Internet Explorer. More attention is being paid to the company’s successor: Edge (formerly Spartan), who is currently only available to Windows 10 users. The program does not offer a comparable possibility to take back deliberate or unintentional manipulations. Maybe it will update a function update here – you would get it via Windows Update function. What you can do: Click on Edge Points icon on the top right, then under Settings to choose to be deleted item and view more . Set checkmarks to the desired categories, then confirm by deleting them . A look worth for Edge users is theUltra Adware Killer : It does not neutralize all but some changes such as a customized start page web address.

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