Data Recovery from NAS Storage Systems – Reset NAS, SAS, SAN, SNAP data

UAE Technician Data Recovery, in relation to some RAID and storage systems manufacturers, and a brand-name hard disk manufacturer, has created a network of specialists equipped with the most advanced technologies in Europe to retrieve RAID data in order to guarantee fast completion even in the toughest RAID damages. This advantage gives us the accumulated know-how for secure data recovery from RAID and NAS, SAN, DAS, SAS, SNAP Storage Systems of any capacity. So we are also able to safely and reliably handle systems, services, universities, computer centers, service providers and clusters. Our experience as leading experts in recovering complex RAID and storage structures, where we have now had tremendous successes and gained a very good reputation in business, is your own assurance. And all at a reasonable cost!

Storage solutions

Storage systems are needed to store large volumes of data. They are made up of several parts and offer many different advantages. On the one hand they offer a good data protection. These are typically stored in parallel across multiple devices and systems so that in the event of a malfunction, all data can be restored. Another positive view is the rapid availability of the data. When data is placed on different systems, they can be sent to the recipient in parallel. Thus, there is no dependence on hard drive access times and a higher data stream is achieved. A great disadvantage of such systems is the really high cost that can be caused by them.

The most common form of these storage systems is storage networks. The data is stored in a network of different storage media. There are various inventions and technologies here.


SAN The most widespread in this area is the SAN – Storage Area Network, where hard disk subsets fit into a server system. Another variant is Network Attached Storage (NAS), which integrates mass storage media into a local network.


SAS Related to the SAN is the system SAS (Server Attached Storage). This term refers to storage media that are directly connected to a server and are available exclusively for that server. In the narrow sense, the internal hard drives of a server are a SAS system .


DAS Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a mass-storage medium that is directly connected to a computer. Here it can be an individual hard drive or an array of hard disks.

Variations of storage systems


SAS – Server Attached Storage – and DAS – Direct Attached Storage

SAS – Server Attached Storage – is a simple storage system that is directly connected to a server and is available for it. These systems include, inter alia, internal and external hard drives, as well as Disk Arrays . The DAS – Direct Attached Storage DAS is not rarely used on this. Storage media of this type are not part of a network. As with most mass storage media, data is “packets”.


SAN – Storage Area Network

In the general language use, LAN (Local Area Network) is widely spread . Here are several computers connected to a local network to be able to communicate with each other. In contrast, however, SAN is not a communications network, but a data network. The SAN is in communication with the server system and individual computers and connects them to a certain array of hard disks. Advantages of such a system are the flexibility and the dimensions of the central security. They can also manage the data centrally and reach the recipient in a minimum of time.SAN glass fiber systems are generally equipped, giant transmission rates of up to 16 Gbit / s are theoretically possible. In systems SAN can be individual parts used in any number, and therefore there is no fear restrictions in the event of a loss.


NAS – Network Attached Storage

The NAS system is a storage system that connects to a local network in order to take advantage of additional storage capacity. The NAS often has its own hard disk storage, but can also be combined with a SAN. Due to the direct connection to the local network, the transmission rate of these systems is certainly not the best, but in most cases it is sufficient. The advantages of this system are fast installation and simple management. Many businesses are turning to such storage media to handle large volumes of data. Safety in this storage method is also given.


SNAP – a variant of the NAS

A SNAP server is based on a NAS system and has the advantage of being able to operate without in-depth knowledge and provides plenty of storage space. SNAP servers are also integrated into an existing
LAN and can be put into operation within a short time. Storage capacity can include some Terabytes and is organized by special software. Based on good returns and a reasonable price, these servers are often used in small and medium businesses. Maintenance and management can be undertaken by a worker who does not need to have extensive knowledge of networks and storage systems.


These storage systems are used where large volumes of data need efficient management. Mainly in Services, Businesses and the Internet, storage capabilities play an important role. Large database systems use these solutions in many cases to provide quick access to the data and to store them safely for  server data recovery.

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Older Macbooks & iPhones devices will not be support now

It’s a bit annoying for some users as of 2017, all Macbook models will lose any product support.

But there is no need to concern about it because UAE Technician expert are available for all device of apple and Apple repair services for all brand as well.

And that also means that models, which are marked by Apple as “obsolete” or “vintage”, no official repairs or accumulators more by Apple and authorized partners receive. Also the free telephone support via Apple Care falls away. This means you can only rely on third parties who continue to offer such repairs and spare parts.

According to a report from 9to5Mac from 1 July this year, all Macbook and Macbook Air models, including the now no longer produced 17 inch Apple laptop. Most likely, these devices will also not receive an update to the upcoming version of macOS 10.13 . More specifically, the following models are available:

Macbook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011)

Macbook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011)

Macbook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)

Macbook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011)

Macbook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011)

The Macbook “Early 2011” series had already lost Apple support last year, as did the Mac Mini from 2009.

The Macbook Pro with 17 inch from mid-2009 loses the Apple support, the iPhone 3GS with 16 and 32 GB as well as the peripheral AirPort Express 802.11n.

We are providing the best quality repairing services for all brand of computer and laptop like, Apple, mac, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Samsung and all other brand. So feel free to contact us for Apple Repair Services.

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Browser Support to Troubleshoot Browser Issues

If the Internet Explorer no longer works, it helps to reset it. For COMPUTER PICTURE you will find a download which takes the procedure by double clicking.

W hen the Internet Explorer stops working properly, you will at worst only with an alternative browser to the Internet. For complications frequently lead misplaced settings and mutually incompatible add-on programs called add-ons. Good to know: Internet Explorer has a special window that automatically repairs the browser. The function restores all settings of the program to the default values ​​and temporarily deactivates all add-ons. Particularly convenient is the refreshing cure with the exclusive COMPUTER BILD-IE-Reset-Tool . It eliminates the usual mouse clicks; a double click on the tool is sufficient.

Restoration with on-board equipment

Provided the Internet Explorer is still starting, reconstruct its original behavior from the program. The instructions below show how it works. If the steps do not show any effect, you may want to deactivate the browser temporarily – which corresponds to a new installation: Press the Windows key as well as R and type optional features . After a confirmation click on OKremove the checkmark from the Microsoft browser; now restart the system. When this is done, reopen the optional features window. Here the hook before the IE is to be set again. At the latest after a further Windows restart, the Internet Explorer should be intact. However, try the following steps for browser support.

Reset with software

If the Internet explorer fails, it is a good idea to go directly through the Internet options. You are also about to renew the renovation. Even more convenient, however, is the use of additional software. Microsoft provides a fix-it tool that makes the browser virgin. The main disadvantage of the program is that it supports only Windows Vista and 7, no Windows 8 or 10. This deficiency also applies to all fix-it problem solvers. The COMPUTER PICTURE IE reset tool does not know this limitation: From Vista to Windows 10 it supports any Windows version. The procedure is the same: Double-clicking opens a window that allows all changes to be canceled.

Microsoft Edge Reset: Is this possible?

In the meantime, Microsoft has dealt with Internet Explorer. More attention is being paid to the company’s successor: Edge (formerly Spartan), who is currently only available to Windows 10 users. The program does not offer a comparable possibility to take back deliberate or unintentional manipulations. Maybe it will update a function update here – you would get it via Windows Update function. What you can do: Click on Edge Points icon on the top right, then under Settings to choose to be deleted item and view more . Set checkmarks to the desired categories, then confirm by deleting them . A look worth for Edge users is theUltra Adware Killer : It does not neutralize all but some changes such as a customized start page web address.

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Call us @ 0557503724 for iMacBook Repair Dubai by UAE Technician

Do not start your MacBook anymore, is the glass of the screen cracked or does the keyboard no longer work? The UAE Technician team is ready for you. You can come along with us without a reservation and repair your MacBook in most cases within 24 hours. Our repairers have years of experience and will do everything possible to make your MacBook work properly. You can also contact us with support for issues with Mac OS X or other software issues.Smart service with a smile by UAE Technician
At UAE Technician, we always repair your Macbook as soon as possible. But before we do this we'll look at you with the problem. Research is free of charge and you will get an overview of the cost of the repair at all times. That's how you know exactly what you're up to. Whether it's replacing the glass of your screen, a video card, keyboard or hard drive, our team is waiting for you. We have many MacBook parts standard in stock. Therefore, a MacBook repair usually does not take longer than 24 hours. You will get 12 months warranty on any repair. You can always check for availability if the item is still in stock. That way, you are sure that you will not come for nothing.

iMac Problem Solution by UAE Technician

iMac repair Dubai

Do you have a problem with your iMac? You can also contact UAE Technician for this. You can come to our service points without an appointment. Here are experienced repairers who will assist you with your iMac. When taking your iMac, we will make a diagnosis and a clear overview of the costs as soon as possible so that you know what you are up to. We always try to complete your iMac repair Dubai within 24 hours. Because we understand that your iMac is simply indispensable. We also provide support for issues with Mac OS X or other software issues. Check out our MacBook rates.

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