Closed Circuit Television commonly known as CCTV is used extensively for commercial and domestic purposes. It consists of a closed circuit and helps you to monitor the security of an area. So if you are planning to renovate your house, office or building, make sure that you install a good CCTV system. Luckily, there are some excellent brands of CCTV  available in the market, from which you can choose the best CCTV camera for a premium quality surveillance.

 Some of the Important Functions of CCTV:

  • It helps you to record the interior of a building to find the cause of the problem.
  • It helps in monitoring traffic on the road.
  • It is used to carry out a traffic survey.
  • It is installed in a transport system like buses to control pickpocket.
  • It is mounted in a factory to carry out a study of the employees.
  • It is used to determine any criminal activity.
  • It keeps your home more secure.
  • It is used to obtain visual records of locations which are harmful to humans.

 List of CCTV Cameras From Top to Bottom According to Their Ranking:

  • Samsung CCTV cameras.
  • Hi-Focus CCTV cameras.
  • CP Plus CCTV cameras.
  • Hikvision CCTV cameras.
  • Honeywell CCTV cameras.
  • Bosch CCTV cameras.
  • Sony CCTV cameras.
  • Zicom CCTV cameras.
  • UNV CCTV cameras.
  • LG CCTV cameras.

Samsung CCTV Features:

According to the user’s feedback, Samsung CCTV is the top brand in today’s market. The night vision feature and the technology of LED infrared illumination provide the users with a better monitoring facility and helps to detect any intruders. It gives you with weatherproof analog IR CCTV. You can widely view images at a 100-degree angle. The most import feature is that it is weather resistant. It provides you with a perfect night vision.

 Features of Hi-Focus CCTV cameras:

Hi-Focus CCTV uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete solution for surveillance. It uses high definition sensors for detecting the images and captures the image with clarity even in dim light. It has some networks for monitoring like Web viewer, Poe, etc. A high-resolution camera provides you with the best night vision. Hi-Focus CCTV cameras provide you with day and night stream encoding.

Features of CP Plus CCTV cameras:

 CP Plus CCTV provides you with live streaming options and gives you a sizeable hard disk storage up to 2 TB. High-Resolution HD cameras make it the best among other CCTV.

Features of Hikvision CCTV cameras:

Hikvision CCTV provides you with excellent night vision and full HD resolution. Highly sensitive sensors are used to detect an intruder.

Features of Honeywell CCTV cameras:

The best feature of Honeywell CCTV is that it helps you in a long distance transmission and can perform in dim light. Additionally, it provides you with a pole mount and corner mount feature

Features of Bosch CCTV cameras:

Bosch CCTV provides you with high-resolution cameras. you can use picture elements. Its video output and electrical specifications are fantastic.

Sony CCTV Features:

Sony CCTV is famous for providing excellent quality surveillance. It produces the best quality security solutions. It consists of bulletproof cameras with advanced imaging features like IPELA ENGINE EX. You can adjust to sun shade. It uses highly sophisticated horizontal resolution 1920 TLV in adverse situations. It is perfect for outdoors and corporate sectors.

 Features of Zicom CCTV cameras:

Zicom CCTV is easy to install and gives you live news feed. It consists of IR dome camera, power adaptors and BNC connectors.

Features of UNV CCTV cameras:

UNV CCTV provides you with a beautiful output using highly sensitive sensors.

 Features of LG CCTV cameras:

LG CCTV can be used in the day as well as night and provides the users with coaxial communication and motion detection.

After reading, this you are aware of all the features of the top class CCTV cameras. Choose your CCTV wisely. Opt for the one which suits your purpose.

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Resolve iTunes backup issues with best-in-class services: Get affordable solutions by contacting the experts in restoration and backup

Apple Inc. developed iTunes which is used for mobile device management and helps in uploading media like photos, videos, songs, etc. Organizing multimedia files on your personal computer has become easy with the help of this application. iTunes mainly focuses on music and offers the users a huge storage for music collections. Without it, you would not be able to upload files from your Apple device. Despite its awesome features, you might face difficulty in restoring iTunes backup to your iPhone. If you are unable to perform a proper backup, your data is at stake. You would never want a problem while restoring backups. Hence, it is essential for you to know 6 easy steps to fix issues that develop when restoring iTunes backup takes too long.

Performing the following steps to restore iTunes backup:


The most important step to prevent data loss is to backup your important data on a regular basis. You might not be aware of the fact but issues might arise while restoring backups. These issues are complicated but resolving them is not impossible. Our experts at UAE Technician feel that no matter how severe the issues are, there is always a way out. With years of experience, we provide you with the following procedures to eliminate the issue:


Before you perform the steps, we recommend you not to skip any of the steps to get the desired results


  • Firstly, it is essential for you to disconnect the iPhone from your computer. It is recommended to remove it slowly as ejecting it violently can affect your device’s performance. You might not be aware but it might devastate your costly iPhone making all your important files inaccessible.


  • It is essential for you to check that iTunes on your computer is of the latest version. An outdated version contains bugs which might lead to a long restoring time. In short, you need to upgrade your iTunes application if required.


  • Once you are done with the upgrade procedure, it is essential for you to reboot your computer as well as iPhone. In case there are plenty of processes running on your computer background. A reboot can reduce your stress to a significant level. This step helps you to determine whether the issue is with your iPhone or your computer.


  • After the re-booting process is over, it is important for you to start the restoration of the backup to your iPhone. Take your iPhone and launch “Restore from Backup with iTunes” and connect your iPhone to your computer and continue with restoring the backup. Is the problem still persisting? It is important for you to consider iPhone backup features like iCloud. In case you have an iCloud backup, you can try restoring it.


The steps mentioned above are sufficient to resolve your problem. In case the error still persists, it is mandatory for you to contact our experts at UAE Technician. Our team understands the importance of iTunes and we do not want you to suffer for data loss due to restoring backup issues. We discuss your problems elaborately and provide you with the latest troubleshooting techniques for solving iTunes error.

For further queries, call us at our helpline number: +971-523252808

What are the consequences when your iTunes stop working and you are unable to restore iTunes backup? The result is horrible. Owing to the amazing features that iTunes provide you, it is necessary to maintain it properly. If you face any kind of difficulty in restoring the backup, it is essential to contact our experts at UAE Technician by dialing our helpline number: +971-523252808. We work till we provide our clients with 100% satisfaction. Hence, you can easily rely on our services. In case you are getting a busy tone while trying to reach us via our helpline number, drop a mail to get an instant reply.

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Unable to get hold of your lost data? Learn smart steps to recover your lost data

If you are a private person then there is a high chance high that you must be saving all your essential files with added protection. But what if you wake up on a fine day and discover all that you had stored have become history? How would you feel? Terrified, right? The global market is filled with potential devices that can store essential data and files. Hard drives, be it internal or external are the most reliable ones that have the capability to store a sufficient amount of data. But technical errors are inevitable, so you cannot really trust on the electronic gadget these days. Is your hard drive beeping continuously? It’s time to check your hardware and fix the errors with expert assistance.


What causes the annoying beeping sound in your hard drive?


When the sensitive instruments in your hard drive crashes, your hard drive creates unnecessary disturbances by producing weird noises. But this beeping sound helps you to detect where exactly the problem is. The beeping sign quite loudly declares that your hard drive is unwell and it needs technical doctors. A spindle motor is located inside your hard drive that rotates the hard drive platters at a thousand revolutions per minute. If the heads crash against the platters, the device can develop this beeping sound. The beeping sound also comes from the spindle motor.


Our experts have received specialized training in hard drive data recovery, so it’s time for you to leave all your worries with us. We have given a lot of effort to decipher the reasons behind data loss. We are enlisting the factors below so that you can take measures to avoid data loss. For those who still couldn’t find a reason for their loss of data, know the reasons from this write-up.

Factors that are responsible for the loss of data in your hard drive:


According to a survey, more than two-fifths of users have lost their data due to hardware or system failure. Electrical failure, head crash, controller failure makes the hardware defective which results in data loss. A natural disaster is also one of the reasons that affect your data. These are uncontrollable situations because nature is out of our line of control. Try to create backup files to counter unpredictable attacks. Other related factors are stated below:


  • As per reports, users often hit the delete button unintentionally and they lose their saved files. Unintentional mistakes are pardonable, especially when it comes to data loss.


  • If you are abruptly shutting down programs, the chances are high that you might lose data.


  • Files can get deleted if you accidentally drop your laptop that has all your stored data.


Apart from the factors mentioned above, unauthorized guests in your network can cause permanent damage to your saved files. They can damage the network process if they get access to your computer. Spilling any kind of fluid on your system can cause short circuit resulting in severe data loss. If you have lost your data due to any of the factors mentioned above, our experts at UAE Technician will provide you with efficient data recovery services.


Connect with us through our helpline number: Reach us today for expert help


We work day and night to provide you with efficient services. Without any hesitation dial our helpline number +971-523252808 for drive repair services. You can reach us through our live chat facility and get solutions that fit in your budget. Give a buzz and get hold of your essential data.

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Wondering how to Diagnose Impending Data Failure for all Storage Media Device? Get affordable solutions from our experts at UAE Technician

In the era of technological advancements, most of your essential information is stored digitally. The usage of a storage device is necessary so that you can access your valuable data. Are you aware of the consequences if your hard disk or SD card undergoes technical failure? Before you know about the solutions, you need to know about the fundamentals. Most of the storage device you use for storing data are of two types: magnetic storage and flash memory storage. HDD in your laptops and computers fall into the category of magnetic storage. They are affordable as well as offers you with decent speed. Small transistors, semiconductors like SSD and SD cards fall under the category of flash memory storage device. At times data loss might take place in your device. Wondering “How to Diagnose Impending Data Failure for all Storage Media Device ?” Go through the writeup.


The factors which lead to data failure in your storage device:

  • Malicious attacks: If your storage device i.e. HDD or SD card is attacked by a virus or malware, there is a high chance of data loss. If you notice that your system is lagging or there is a booting issue, it indicates that your device is virus infected.


  • Mechanical failure: It might happen that any kind of physical damage can destroy your hard disk. Your device is sensitive and if you drop it accidentally, there are high chances of data loss. At times, due to ageing your HDD might undergo technical failure. If you hear clicking noise or experience low read or write speeds, it indicates that your HDD is damaged.
  • Human errors: You might lose your valuable data if you have accidentally deleted your files. Besides, if there is an interruption while updating an operating system or modification of registry settings, there is a high chance of data loss.

If you want your data to be safe, you must be careful about the factors mentioned above. Lack of awareness can make your situation worse. Now it’s time to know about data recovery solutions.

Follow these solutions to reduce the risk of data loss:

  • Before you experience data loss in your device, it is essential for you to transfer your valuables to a stable HDD or get a replacement afterwards.
  • If a malicious attack has taken place, install a reliable antivirus and firewall program.
  • In case of RAID System failure, you need to shut down the array immediately
  • If you are unable to recognize your SD card, you need to restore your device to the factory settings.

 By now you are aware of the solutions for data loss in your device. Your prompt actions can save you from data loss. Besides, our team of experts advise you to maintain a backup of your important files. If you still face difficulty in safeguarding your data, it is mandatory to contact us for hard drive data recovery services.

Connect with our experts for recovering your lost data

It is very annoying if you lose your valuables. Do you want to retrieve your lost data within a short span of time? Contact our experts at UAE Technician as soon as possible. You can also avail our live-chat session to know about the hacks necessary for data recovery. Share your concerns with us by dialling our helpline number: +971-523252808 and continue with a hassle-free working session.

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Boost your laptop’s performance with premium Lenovo laptop repair services

Lenovo is a renowned brand which supports a wide range of IT products like laptops, computers, mobile phones, printers, etc. Lenovo hits the preference of the users by providing them with premium quality of laptops. Despite its awesome performance, you might face difficulty in using these products. Is your laptop screen freezing frequently? Are you worried about the poor performance of your laptop? Avail premium services for Lenovo laptop repair.

Whoops! Laptop malfunctioning again? Know about the causes in detail:

A laptop consists of essential components like keyboard, motherboard, hard drive, etc. It is important for all the components to work properly so that your efficiency stays unharmed. Our experts at UAE Technician have complete knowledge about laptops and hence we can easily identify the factors which lead to a poor laptop performance. In addition to that, if you need services for Lenovo computer repair, we provide you with the same. Below is a list of causes that lead to laptop malfunction:


  • Keyboard issues are annoying and can prevent you from navigation. If you encounter any kind of issue with your keyboard, the purpose of your laptop becomes useless. In case your keyboard stops responding to the keystrokes, your keyboard is at risk.


  • In addition to that, if your laptop runs out of charge all of a sudden, you will be unable to continue with your important work. It will also lead to overheating issues and reduce the longevity of your laptop.


  • Another serious situation arises if your laptop’s camera is not performing appropriately. Due to regular usage, it might happen that your camera is not functioning properly. Any kind of technical issue or virus attack can reduce the efficiency of your laptop’s camera.


  • Motherboard issues are indirect and cause your device to overheat or freeze all of a sudden. If you notice any kind of unusual behaviour of your device, be sure that there is an issue in the motherboard.


  • Are you receiving corrupted files? Your hard disk is at risk. If some kind of error occurs in it, you lose all your important information. If you find difficulty in booting your device, it indicates that your hard disk needs immediate repair.


  • Lastly, your laptop might be damaged due to human errors like accidental drop or liquid spill.

The issues mentioned above are serious and need immediate repair services. Hence, it is essential for you to contact our team of experts for Lenovo laptop repair services. We are available to help you at all hours of the day.

Improve your laptop’s health with our expert help: Call for affordable services

If you face any kind of issue with your laptop, it is essential for you to contact our experts at UAE Technician. Our Lenovo service center number: +971-523252808 is open during the busy hours of the day to receive your calls. By dialling our helpline number +971-523252808 you get repair solutions for your device at an affordable rate. You will be provided with the steps which are necessary for resolving laptop issues. We are here to guide you and our team expects you to carry on with an obstacle-free working session. Have faith in our services; we won’t let you down.

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Recover your lost data: Retrieve your lost files with Data Recovery in Dubai

Today we live in a world where every work is data-driven. Data is treated as assets which has the power to bring success or failure to a business. Almost all corporate houses and business organizations maintain high-security standards to protect their confidential data. Still, several digital vulnerabilities intrude into the computer system and results in the loss of essential data. Virus, malware, etc. are common malicious objects which attack the computer systems frequently and removes important data from the devices. Relax! With our help you will know how to Recover Lost Data from a Formatted Drive.


The critical condition of data recovery creates a sudden hamper in the business of professionals and often requires urgent attention from experts. Previously, recovery of data was considered as a critical and lengthy process. But the scenario has rapidly changed. Especially with our UAE Technician team,data recovery is no longer a prolonged and complex task.


data recovery



What are the reasons behind data loss?

Data loss is a common problem which troubles not only business houses but also individuals. Your laptop’s hard disk might crash or the motherboard might start malfunctioning resulting in deletion of essential data from your PC. Check out the probable reasons due to which you may lose your important data.


  • Hardware or System Malfunctions
  • Deleting files accidentally
  • Mechanical damages of hard drive
  • Human Errors
  • Power failures
  • Theft of computer
  • Software Corruption
  • Fire accidents and explosions


We strongly recommend keeping a backup of all your essential data to as many sources as possible. You can store it in a CD Drive, pen drive or in an external hard disk. If the backup also gets corrupted along with the original file, you will feel helpless to get back that data again. Humans are victims of the situations and the consequences followed by the situations. Whether the consequences will be adverse or not that depends on the actions you take. In order to counter any crisis in case of data loss, you must create a backup file. If you are not using diagnostic tools with caution, your saved data can be lost forever. If you are not shutting down the programs carefully, your files can be at risk.

Avail pocket-friendly Data Recovery in Dubai: Dial @+971-523252808

You can call at our helpline number +971-523252808 irrespective of time and share your issues with our experienced professionals. Additionally, you can drop a mail to us asking for help and receive a call back within the next 24 hours. Our professionals perform procedure of data recovery within a short span and provide the guaranty to recover almost 100% of the data.


In addition, we recover data from laptops, desktops, memory cards, pen drives, iMac, servers, SSD drives and many more. We also help to retrieve data from various situations such as water drowned hard drives, burned hard drives, etc. You can also reach our experts via our live chat option during busy working hours and avail quick response.

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How to Update Garmin Navigator, Call us @ +1-844-441-2440

To find out how to update the Garmin Navigator, you should follow the given below step

Step 1- Turn on the device in the navigation mode and in the “Maps” section click on the option “Free update maps”. Follow the instructions of the system that prompts you to download the program from the Internet.

Step 2- The downloaded program automatically identifies the cards, scans for updates, and itself offers to download available map updates. With strict implementation of instructions, the entire upgrade process runs smoothly and ends efficiently.

To know how to update the Garmin Navigator without problems, you need to consider the following nuances: for older Garmin models, there may not be available updates. On some models Garmin may not have enough memory to download updates.

They need to use additional microSD for recording cards. We wish everyone a comfortable navigation with the latest updates. If your Garmin Navigator concern is not resolving then just call to us @ +1-844-441-2440, We will fix your all concern of Garmin Navigator instantly.

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Laptop repair services: Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement & repair in Dubai

lenovo laptop keyboard replacementCall @ 0557503724 for Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement & repair in Dubai

Do you have a computer problem and are looking for a UAE Technician Computer repair company to solve your problem like Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement?

Your machine has one of the following faults and you want a UAE Technician Computer repair:

  • A blue screen with a series of cipher type: 0x00 …?
  • Your computer beeps once or more at startup?
  • The screen does not turn on anymore?
  • An update was not done correctly and Windows does not want to start anymore?
  • At startup, your computer mentions that there is no operating system?
  • Your computer is constantly restarting?
  • Pub windows and others open unexpectedly at the start of the Internet?
  • Your computer is slow at startup or when running programs?
  • Programs settle without your agreement or you are victims of computer viruses?
  • Your printer installation is not done or you cannot do it?
  • Your computer does not turn on anymore and you have important data that you want to recover?

If you encounter any of these or any other problems, UAE Technician can offer you an appointment for a Dubai Computer Repairing at your home promptly or in our workshops.

Our company helps you on site / at home during the day or if the repair cannot be done on site, we take charge of your machine and return it at no extra cost.

Whether you are a professional (business, industry, independent …) or an individual, you can contact us @ 0557503724 anytime anywhere in Dubai for any request for Computer repairing in Dubai, a Computer technician will intervene at you or at your place of work.

Installation and Repairing of any brand: Laptop PC, Desktop PC, Mini PC, Ultra Portable, NAS, Server … We can supervise your IT infrastructure, you also offer an annualized maintenance contract, manage your network, recover your lost data, secure your infrastructure.

We adapt a solution according to your real needs.

Our company intervenes on various points:

Computer & laptop repair any brand Asus, HP, Compaq, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, Packard Bell etc … whether on software or hardware problems

IT Maintenance: We adapt to current and future IT events and risks to anticipate risks.

Installation of complete computer parks or simple station (cabling, server, PC and laptop, printing solution, deployment …)

Server creation and complete configuration (backup, calendar, contact, email, sharing, storage, user management …)

For your security UAE Technician cleans your computer of any software and malicious virus during our Computer repair services.

UAE Technician is able to offer you safe and secure computer security software for Windows, the best security software for 2017.

UAE Technician also benefits from a partnership with the leader in computer repair Asus, so we offer products for professionals and individuals at the best price and quality.

UAE Technician also offers outsourcing services for your SME, PMI, TPE, artisan, independent … We also advise on the purchase and management of a computer park tailored to your business and your needs. We also offer site creation or domain name registration as well as various computers backup solutions to avoid any risk of data loss due to hacking or simply a hard drive that no longer works.

Contact us at 0557503724 for any custom Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement request in Dubai. We help people and businesses in Dubai.

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Laptop Repair services: Acer Service center Dubai

acer service centerProblems with your Laptops, Notebooks, or Acer PCs? Call @ 0557503724 Acer Service center Dubai

Laptop Repair Services by UAE Technician Acer Service center Dubai

  • Repair Motherboards Laptops and Desktops.
  • Replacement of Laptop and Table Computers Base Plate.
  • Rebelling graphic card and Replacement Graphics Chip.
  • Internal Cleaning Computers: Cooling System, Cleaning Fan, …
  • Change Power Connector (Jack Substitution).
  • Replace Hard Disk, or repair Sectors and damaged tracks.
  • Replacement Laptop Screen (All measurements and all models).
  • Replacement and repair of Inverter.
  • Reinstallation of Operating System and installation of Drivers and Updates.
  • Replacement Laptop keyboard and RAM increase.
  • Elimination of viruses and internal noise.
  • Data Recovery Service.

The Acer Service Center of UAE Technician, offers a customized service to solve the most demanding problems of your computers, laptops, PCs, notebooks, etc…

Acer Laptop Repair in DubaiWe have extensive experience in repairing all models of any Acer family of equipment : Aspire, Aspire One, eMachines, Extensa, Ferrari, Travelmate, etc …

In our Technical Service we have facilities with our own electronic laboratory, technologically equipped to perform the repair of your machines in a short time. In addition, the permanent stock of parts *, from our warehouse, allows us to quickly attend to the repairs of your devices.

  • Fast and Free Collection Service throughout UAE. *
  • Telephone support without limits. We solve your doubts.
  • Very agile response times.
  • Warranty on all repairs.
  • Budget without commitment.
  • All Original Spare Parts in our interventions.

*Free collection in repairs. In the lower case consult cost per trip.

*The permanent stock of pieces refers to spare parts common to all computer models.

*For specific refills of a particular model, UAE Technician has a large stock but not total.

*Consult specific term.

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THE COMPUTER SCREEN DOES NOT TURNS ON: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

Samsung laptop screen replacementContact us @ 0557503724 Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair in Dubai

Let’s talk about problems with Samsung laptop screen. We have already dealt with the case of desktop & laptop monitors (external monitors) that do not light up in a previous post on our blog. Today, however, we see the specific case of laptop screens that do not light up or do not work properly . UAE Technician are providing best Samsung laptop screen replacement and reapir in Dubai by our experience and skilled technician team.

 Delicate situation: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

We are warning you, but the situation is quite problematic: unlike a fixed computer & laptop, where it’s just enough to change the monitor, the breakup of the laptop’s screen (screen) could make its “death” (more for reasons of affordability…)! Yes, the risk is that your notebook will turn into WEEE (ie Electronic and Electronic Equipment Refuse ) and in this case the natural destination would be, as well as the landfill (in Dubai, where our Computer Assistance Center is located, UAE Technician: here you find all the details for the collection of electronic waste ).

Why does my laptop monitor not turn on?

First of all, we must identify the malfunctioning part. To help you, we see what are the components of a Samsung laptop screen !

LCD panel : The LCD panel is the actual screen (where the pictures are displayed) and is connected to the rest of the components via a cable (specifically, the LCD cable)

Inverter : It is a small card, connected to the LCD and usually located near the monitor itself, which retro-feeds the panel.

Warning! In the LED screens, which have no backlight, the inverter is not present

Graphics Card: in short, it is the hardware component that deals with the transformation of electrical signals sent by the processor into video output

Motherboard : if you have any problem with motherboard than your computer & laptop will not be turn on.

Symptoms: What Is Your Computer?

Now that we have seen all the elements necessary for the operation of the monitor, we just have to understand which piece is to be replaced. How to do? We have drawn up a small round of symptoms , related to possible disturbances.

Crutches on the screen or black spots

If your PC has crashed or has been hit, your monitor may have cracks or be black in certain areas, just as if it had fallen into the ink. Do you notice when the cellphone screen is ruined? Here, the effect is the same.

In this case, the PC screen does not light up because of the panel.

Low brightness or intermittent brightness Samsung laptop screen is not bright or completely “dark”, or the brightness goes and comes intermittently; the images on the monitor can only be seen by pointing a light in the direction of the screen.

In this case, the problem lies in the LCD panel or the LCD cable

The screen has no brightness or can not stay on

After a few minutes the PC has turned on, the screen shuts off.

You can see the images by pointing a light in the direction of the screen, but it is completely free of brightness.

The replacement part is the inverter.

Image Problems

The screen of a notebook may have several image-level problems:

  • Rows and streaks that travel across the image vertically or horizontally
  • In an area of ​​the screen, the image is not visible
  • RGB Color Balance (the image on the screen shows an imbalance between red, green and blue)
  • The screen is lit with white but you can not see the image on the screen
  • The images on the monitor are flickering and they go and go on

If your Samsung laptop screen problem is in this case, the cause is to be found in the LCD panel, or on the motherboard or graphics card.

What to do?: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

If it’s the panel we can unmount it, read the model number and buy it again (we might recommend checking on online stores, as long as it’s still in circulation!).

If to create problems is the inverter , we have to replace it (or, if you are an electronics wizard, repair it …).

If it is the motherboard or graphics card … bad news! If they are not in warranty, unless your notebook is really good, it’s okay to sell it and buy it again.

Be careful though!

It is extremely important to correctly diagnose the problem , otherwise we run the risk of replacing a component that might not have been crashing, knocking out money and staying with the screen unworkable!

For this reason, when it comes to laptops and not fixed-screen displays (where, basically, it’s enough to change the monitor and check if the new one is working properly) it’s always better to rely on professionals .

For any information, contact UAE Technician! Remember: Diagnosis is always free !


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